Is it worth it to brave the crowds for the Santorini sunset?

Over the last few years the Greek island Santorini, also referred to as Thera, has known a serious – some say even too big – incline in tourists visiting this gem in the southern Aegean Sea.

The place is literaly busting with people who want to discover the beautiful white with blue houses and churches and wander through the small streets of Oia. In the meantime it’s of course also important to get thé perfect instagram picture in the hopes of getting a whole lot of likes and becoming ‘instafamous’, even for just a moment.

However, thé highlight of your time on the island should be the famous Santorini sunset in Oia. But with all these people wandering around, is it still worth it?


Yes! Yes, yes, it is!

For as long as I can remember, visiting Santorini and witnessing the sunset there has been in the top five of my travel bucket list. And last week, I was fi-na-lly boarding a plane to his beautiful Greek island to do just that. Exciting!

We arrived in Oia, the most northern part of the island and the place to be for the sunset, in the early afternoon, and I must say that the crowds then were still quite okay. We of course weren’t the only people there -duh-, but it wasn’t crazy at all. So far, so good.

Since we had hiked all the way from Fira to Oia (more on that soon), we first enjoyed some relaxing pool-time at our Airbnb; Oia’s sunset studio. From our place next to the pool we could see the hordes of people arriving from the bus station and parking lot and filling up the streets. Time to get moving!

Around 6pm – which was another hour and a half before the sunset – we made our way to the best place to witness the beauty of nature; the Byzantine Castle ruins. Even then the ‘front row’ places were already taken, but we managed to get semi-decent places anyway. So if you want to have the best view, it’s key to arrive early! And with that I mean really early.

While we were waiting, I was honestly starting to wonder if it was all worth it. We would still have to wait quite a while and we weren’t exactly in a comfortable position. But soon enough the colors around us started the change and I couldn’t believe I had actually for a moment considered skipping this. For the next hour, it was magic. Even though my expectations were sky high, I was still in awe of the beauty around me.






No picture can ever do it justice so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s even more beautiful in real life and definitely worth it to be in crowd for a couple of hours. I honestly hope I can experience it again one day!




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