My 15 favorite pictures of wonderful Berlin

Last week I spent four amazing days in the wonderful city of Berlin. It was my third time in Germany’s capital and I could probably never get bored of the amazing atmosphere hanging around there.

We of course went to see the highlights again really quickly, but I’m glad I also got to do a few new things, such as the Jewish Museum (I know, long time overdue), the Zoo and one of Berlin’s Underground tours.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures I took of this wonderful city along with a little info:



The first two pictures are of my favorite building in Berlin; the Berliner Dom. I love the majesticness of it, but also the details are simply amazing. The fact that it’s right next to the Spree river also makes it a really nice photography subject.

One the first picture, you can also see the Fernsehturm (television tower) which you can basically see from almost anywhere in the city.  You can go up the tower to have a view over the city, but since that’s quite pricy we left it out. There is also the option to have dinner up there, and with the sphere of the tower revolving 360° once every hour, you can see all of Berlin while you eat.


The Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburger Gate) is of course thé symbol of Berlin so it couldn’t be missing in this collection of pictures. It was built in 1788 and is the only gate that survived both wars. We arrived there right after the sun had set with this shot as a result.


Our next stop was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. There are 2711 blocks of concrete placed in 54 rows going north-south and 87 going east-west. Walking through them gives an eerie feeling, also because the ground is not flat. It’s a really wonderful memorial in my opinion.


The next two pictures are probably my favorite of this trip; Potsdamer Platz and Sony Center (which is on Potsdamer Platz). This square has the best memories of when I went to Berlin for the first time in 2012. Every time I go back there I can’t help but smile. I especially love the roof of the Sony Center. It changes color from blue to pink which is just so stunning.


The Zoo of Berlin – Zoologischer Garten – is the zoo with the most different species in the world. So of course I couldn’t say no to that. Although I wasn’t overwhelmed with the many different animals, I especially had a great time checking out the monkeys. They’re just so cute and playful. I could watch them forever. We were lucky to arrive at that part of the zoo right at feeding time which made them of course even more active.

Entrance is 14,5 euros for an adult, and 7,5 for a child (-15 y/o). If you want to visit the aquarium as well, it’s 5,5 extra for an adult and 2,5 extra for kids.


Since we were too late at the Dom the first day to actually visit it, we went back the next day to see the inside and go up the Dom itself. Most people go up the Fernsehturm for the view over Berlin, but I prefer this one. It’s much closer to the ground, which gives you more detail of the city. The only downside is that you don’t have the Dom in your view. The inside of the Dom is also pretty spectacular, so a visit to this wonderful building is definitely not a waste.

Entrance is 7 euros for an adult, but for a family of four (Two adults and two kids) you only pay 14 as well.


On this picture you can see ‘Fallen Leaves’ (Shalekhet) by Menashe Kadishman. It’s an installation consisting of 10.000 faces punched out of steel at Memory Void in the Jewish Museum. You can actually walk over the ‘faces’ and the sound of steel hitting steel actually sent shivers down my spine. It’s a pretty powerful installation.


On Saturday afternoon, we went on the guided M-Tour with Berliner Unterwelten. During this two-hour tour we actually went underground to right above the metro stations and learned all about people trying to escape from West to East Berlin (and the other way around) during the time of the Berlin wall. It was such an interesting tour, also thanks to our great guide Jannes, so I can only recommend it. On the picture above you can see a reconstruction of a tunnel people used to dig to get from West to East.

Every day at 3:30 pm, the English M-Tour starts at metro stop Gesundbrunnen. Entrance price is 14 euros and tickets can only be bought on the day of the tour. There are also plenty of other tours, so for more information you can check their website.


East Side Gallery is another one of my favorite places in Berlin. It’s a part of the Berlin Wall that was preserved and is now covered in lovely art. I especially love the quote on the picture above. It’s really inspiring. Sadly they had to put barriers in front of it to keep people from vandalising the art.


On Saturday evening, we went to the Wannsee for an event called Wannsee in Flammen (Wannsee on fire). Ships from all over Germany assembled on this lake and were lit up with colorful lights. It all ended with a really lovely show of fireworks. Loved it!


Lunch on Sunday brought us to Preussenpark. What used to be a place where Thai people came together to enjoy their picknick, grew into a food market called Thaiwiese. For five euros only we enjoyed spring rolls, dumplings, chicken satés with peanut sauce and fried banana. It was de-li-ci-ous. And the atmosphere is simply amazing. The best way to spend your Sunday lunch.


Also on Sunday the famous Mauerpark Market is being held. It’s mostly a flea market, but there are also many food stalls with delicious food from all over the world. It does get really busy, but it’s great ambiance especially with the many musicians doing their thing.


The fifteenth and last picture is one from my collection of 2013. It was taken inside the dome of the Reichstag building (German Parliament). We didn’t visit it this year since I had obviously already seen it, but it’s just too great a place to leave out. From this place you also have a lovely view on the city of Berlin and the audio guides gives you plenty of information on everything you see around you. A must see when you’re in Berlin!

Entrance to this building is free, but you have to make reservations to get in.

So that was it. I have plenty of more favorite spots in this city but I -sadly- had to limit myself somewhere. I just can’t wait to go back again and explore more and just experience this city. Do you have any places you simply adore that I haven’t mentioned?

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