Pomp and circumstance at Opera Garnier, Paris

As I mentioned in an earlier post about Paris, I’ve been to this lovely city many times. Most of those times have been a one day trip, which means I am never able to see and visit all of the highlights.

On my last spur of the moment day trip to France’s Capital, I was finally able to visit one of my favorite places of Paris again. It was on a school trip back when I was 14 that I was first able to admire the beauty of Opera Garnier and I was dying to see it again.


Opera Garnier, or also known as Palais Garnier, was constructed from 1861 to 1875 and named after its architect, Charles Garnier. This opera building seats nearly 2000 people and is one of the most famous ones in the world, which is also thanks to it being the location for Phantom of the Opera.

The exterior is already pretty amazing with amazing architecture and many frills, but it’s the interior that calls to the imagination. It’s simply magnificent. My favorite room is definitely the Grand Foyer, but the Grand Staircase and the Auditorium itself definitely can’t be missed as well.

Upon entrance to the Opera, you immediately step inside the Grand Staircase. The ceremonial staircase is made entirly out of marble and give off a feeling of grandeur. I just love the feeling you get when walking a big staircase like that. Makes you feel special. (If it isn’t being swarmed with tourists of course…)

The Auditorium has the biggest stage in Europe and has the traditional Italian horseshoe shape. The ceiling with the chandelier are definitely my favorite parts of this room. It’s quite impressive to know that that chandelier up there weight about seven tonnes. Wouldn’t want to have that drop on your head while watching a performance…

The Grand Foyer was first designed as a drawing room. It’s the most ornated room in the building and the ceiling painted by Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry is marvelous. I simply love everything about this room.

You can also step outside on the balcony from the Grand Foyer. This way you have a lovely view on the square in front of it, Place de L’Opéra.

Entrance to Opera Garnier is 10 euros, but there are family option as well so check the information boards at the cash register for your best price. The opera is opened from 10 am until 5 pm (Last entrance at 4:30pm), but on performance days only until 1pm.

This Opera is definitely worth a visit. The picture don’t do it any justice. It’s just so beautiful.

Have you ever visisted Opera Garnier or an even more beautiful Opera?


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