Stockholm: Sodermalm and Skeppsholmen

With a heavy heart we checked out of our hostel on Tuesday morning, not ready to go back home and have our holiday over.

Luckily the owner of the hostel allowed us to leave our bags at the hotel without paying for it until we had to leave for the airport. This way we didn’t have to try locating the lockers at the central station.

For our last day, we had planned to go sightseeing around Sodermalm. We took the bus to Slussen and then immediately headed to Monteliusvagen, which is –according to a friend of mine who’s been to Stockholm many times- the most beautiful view of Stockholm. It’s a 450 meter long walkway which is a bit higher up sea level. And she was quite right. It’s really breathtakingly beautiful.


Next we headed even higher up to Skinnarviksberget where we hoped to have an even better view. This natural viewing  point is 52 meters above sea level, but in my opinion isn’t such a better view than the Monteliusvagen. If you’re lacking time, I suggest just going up the Monteliusvagen as you already get the best view there.


Walking back to Slussen, we passed what we thought was a high bridge, but in fact it was an elevator called Katherinahissen which took people from lower Sodermalm to higher Sodermalm. The expected the view to be quite amazing as well, so we took the many stairs up there (while we could have also taken the elevator appearantly). Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that special, as I expected it to be higher up with a more detailed view of Gamla Stan.


For our last day we definitely wanted to have meatballs for lunch. We hadn’t succeeded in finding any place that was open and seemed decent our previous days, so the evening before I had googled a place where we could find some. So full expectations we headed to Meatballs for the People. But once again disappointment; annual closing. Luckily they also offered an alternative where we could find the meatballs. So we walked a few blocks to Nortorget 6 where they served the famous Swedish meatballs.

It was a really nice restaurant, with lovely staff. The bar in this restaurant is really impressive as well, so if you’re seated outside, you should really go inside once to check the interious. The meatballs were also really amazing, so all in all, a great lunch experience.

During our last hours, we headed back to Gamla Stan once more, but since we had already seen nearly every street there, we were quickly looking for another way to spend the last hour.

After a quick look at the map of Stockholm we noticed that we hadn’t been on the island called Skeppsholmen yet. The reason why we hadn’t been there yet, is because it’s quite small and visited only because of two museums: Moderna Museet and Nationalmuseum. Since those museums didn’t interest us, we didn’t really plan on going there.

But with the little time we had left, we wanted to go see the view from that island on Gamla Stan. Then we would have seen Gamla Stan from every angle.

And then it was back to the hotel and back to the airport for our flight back home. 😦 

I really had the best five days in Stockholm and I’m sure I will head back at least once in my life. There is just such an amazing atmosphere, the people are really friendly and helpful and it’s really a beautiful city. A real recommendation for a city trip!

Until next time,

With love, Ellen

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